Sometimes I like to pick up a camera, embrace the moment, then push the trigger, Gotta love the ocean.


Rich’s work captivates me in a way no other photographers work ever has: it transports me to a place devoid of familiarity and time, making me reimagine everything I know and love about the ocean. The mystery he captures of the sea and his South Australian home is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and for that I find myself truly in love with his art.

Morgan Maasson - The Master of photography & film making

“@sa_rips….sick photos. Love your work! kelly”

Kelly Slater - Surfer - 11 Time World Champion

Rich’s work has a strange effect on me in that I find it beautiful and poetic, but also frightening and humbling at the same time. For every picture I love that is of a beautiful peak expressing its rare perfection, theres another shot of a moment that I would dread to be near.

Brandon Boyd - Lead Vocalist of the rock band Incubus

Printing Process

These images are carefully reproduced by australias most respected professional photo lab CPL SERVICES on the finest quality materials produced on metallic pearl photo paper,characterised by wide tonal range,highly saturated colours and an archival life in excess of (60)years.